Sourdough starter starting to take over?

Starter starting to take over?!

Don’t panic! There’s a few simple changes you can make to get back in control, and stay in control.

A lot of sources say to maintain a large amount of starter, double it when you refresh it, discard half, then double again!

You do not need to do this!

You can maintain a small amount of starter and minimise waste by following these steps:


  1. Take out most of your starter and put it in a seperate container, keeping back only a teaspoon-full (10g)
  2. Feed the remaining starter 20g flour and 20g water, and when it’s bubbling nicely again put it in the fridge - this gives you 50g which is all you need to maintain
  3. Make crackers, pancakes, crumpets or english muffins out of extra starter you removed in step 1
  4. A day before you want to bake get your starter out of the fridge and refresh with 25g flour and 25g water, making it up to 100g
  5. When it’s bubbling nicely again remove 50g and put this in another container, then put your remaining 50g of starter back in the fridge
  6. Feed the 50g of starter you removed with another 25g of flour and 25g water to make 100g of levain
  7. When the levain has doubled use all of it to make a loaf of bread


Simples. Closed cycle sourdough maintenance with no waste and no stress!


Happy Baking Breadheads!


Much love,


Sourdough Breadsmith

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  • Hi,
    I am Roshni from Brisbane and have watched Angelique’s Kitchen Warehouse basic video on sourdough bread making. I enjoyed it thoroughly and have started my starter today with 1 teaspoon rye flour and 1.5 teaspoon of ‘still’ water. Will go on feeding it in the same proportion till next Sunday.
    Wanted to ask can I substitute rye flour for wholemeal flour?
    I had taken a short course in London 2 years back on sourdough bread making but it did not help much and since I have time on my hands now, my interest has surfaced again.
    Just LOVE sourdough bread!!!
    Would love to hear from you.
    Love …. Roshni

    Roshni Dumri

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