• Super Soft Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

    We love a good sandwich loaf (or tinnie if you will) here at Breadsmith HQ 😋 Lately I’ve taken to doing a double batch for our weekly bake, one plain for sandwiches, and one raisin’n’cinnimon for toast! The loaf is softened with milk and a little butter, and a touch of sugar keeps it moist so that it doesn’t go stale too quick. 
  • Sourdough starter starting to take over?

    Starter starting to take over?! Don’t panic! There’s a few simple changes you can make to get back in control, and stay in control. A lot of sourc...
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Babka with Sourdough Levain

    We need to talk... it’s about that chocolate you’re stashing from Easter... I know you’ve been dipping into it every time you go into the kitchen, ...
  • Waste Not Want Not - Sourdough Crackers

    SOURDOUGH STARTER CRACKERS If you happen to have a bit of leftover starter from your recipe (or make a bit extra especially for this like we do at...
  • No Yeast-er Hot Cross Buns

    Naturally leavened hot cross bun recipe just in time for Easter!
  • Top Tips!

    A few top tips to help you raise your sourdough game!