Top Tips!

A few top tips to help you raise your sourdough game!

  1. Don’t be afraid, it can sense your fear.
  2. Get hold of an established starter for better results.
  3. Wooden or silicone utensils and glass bowls are best—don’t use metal.
  4. Use local organic flour with at least 10% protein and filtered water.
  5. Make sure your starter is in top form before baking—feed twice and do a “float test” if in doubt.
  6. Start with a low hydration recipe to get the hang of things and measure everything with a digital scale.
  7. Stick with the same recipe and the same flour until you get consistently good results.
  8. Watch the dough not the clock; timings are temperature dependent and patience is a virtue.
  9. For best results, bake cold dough in a very hot oven and cover for the first 20 minutes to trap steam.
  10. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a great loaf; flops make the best breadcrumbs.

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  • Hi Ange,
    I have been enjoying your beginners and Artisan recipes which I purchased from your website. I have also been watching your your videos from the Kitchen Warehouse demonstrations. So far I’ve had great results and am secretly very proud of myself!
    I would like to start adding seeds to my sourdoughs but I’m a bit confused. Should I soak the seeds first using a portion of the water required in the recipe. Then, do I through in the seeds and soaking water all in? What would you recommend? Ive been looking for a seeded sourdough recipe on your website but havent seen one. I love your work and your videos…keep them coming (maybe a Babka demo…Yum!!) Cheers Lisa

    Lisa Harrison

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