Hi! I’m Ange and this is a visual diary of my progress as I try to master sourdough bread in all its glorious shapes and forms. This is an ancient thing that nourished generations and has sadly fallen by the wayside. But I want us to eat real bread again, so I’ve turned my hand to it and found it to be both a science and an art. My cup of tea!

I got into sourdough a few years back when I was gifted a sourdough starter, a very special one that harks back to the Californian gold rush. This means it contains the legendary Lactobactia Sanfrancisco making it an original San Francisco sourdough.

After a bit of a false start and a disastrous few loaves that could have passed for dwarvish fighting bread, I unearthed my dehydrated starter in the very deepest darkest recesses of the pantry where I had hidden my shame, and decided to give it another go. It’s been a few years since I brought my starter (affectionately known as George) back to life, and it’s been a hell of a ride but I’m pretty happy with the loaves I turn out now.

There are occasionally a few bloopers but they are almost always edible in some shape or form (the breadcrumb jar is often brimming) but generally the loaves are quite presentable and sometimes even good enough to bear triumphantly into a party or other social occasion. I hope my efforts inspires you and help you along the way to baking some great bread.